Blair is back poking his nose into Brexit!

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Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, the former prime minister – one of the most prominent anti-Brexit campaigners – said he accepted last year’s Leave vote but that there were ways of controlling EU immigration without leaving.

“Brexit is a distraction, not a solution, to the problems this country is facing,” he said.

Mr Blair said he believed Brexit would go ahead “unless it starts to become obvious that the public is having second thoughts” – and that “hasn’t become obvious yet”.

“If we put this case to people, maybe they will listen. If they don’t – I accept it goes forward,” he said.

Mr Blair said: “The situation back then was different.”

He told the Marr show the economy had been strong when he left office in 2007 before the financial crash, adding: “You’ve got to listen to what people are saying and react to it.”

“It’s a bit late now, this epiphany”, responded Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon on the Marr show.

Sir Michael said “election after election” had shown the public wanted “proper controls” over immigration.

“I think it’s a pity he didn’t think of that when all these new countries were admitted to the European Union on his watch,” he added.

Pro-EU Conservative Ken Clarke told Sky News it was “hopeless” to think the UK could stay in the EU, given the “mood of the country”.

“There are better ways of dealing with the country’s problems than #Brexit

Tony Blair calls for the UK to stay in the EU, but with new controls on migration.

(via BBC News)

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  1. Understandable stance by Blair as he and his loathsome wife made a great deal of money from EU connections.Perhaps more of his efforts should be channelled into helping the widow’s he created chasing weapons of mass deception.

  2. This man will never go away……..Just listen to how many people are telling him what he is! He still can’t hear them! Jeez

  3. Blair you are the most hated politician ever and nobody wants you to be involved in running our country. I hope you get tried for war crimes, for the deaths of our brave troops.

  4. Well , I`ve watched this clip several times and I can see his mouth moving but the only thing that is coming out of it is hot air and no substance , ( no change there then ). Why the media entertain this moronic waste of time is anybody`s guess but there is one thing for sure , every time he opens his mouth it reinforces my decision to vote for BREXIT . I`ve no doubt the PM hangs on to his every word ( not ), he couldn`t even acknowledge that we have a PM . Surely after all this time he must realise that the majority of the country want him sent to prison for war crimes , he is still delusional if he thinks anyone needs or even wants his opinion .

  5. Yes we need to sort out our problems,but only after leaving the EU. Then the government of the day needs to follow the will of the people.

  6. Hate the man. He wants to keep his nose out & mouth shut.Hes to blame for the state our country is in. We want Brexit now. Get our borders shut.

  7. What ever Blair has to say to day will have no effect, his time in office was full of lies and deceit, so no one will ever believe or trust him again.

  8. What ever Blair has to say to day will have no effect, his time in office was full of lies and deceit.So no one will ever trust a word that comes out of his mouth.

  9. Why is he getting involved? I would not trust a word he says, weasel words. He is a very dangerous man with no concern for the uk or its people. I truly worry what sort of world and country are we leaving our children. I am still reeling from the article barcelonia treaty EU S dirty little secret. How could these agreements be signed without any of us knowing about them. I find it truly frightening the implications of this. Have you read it and what do you think???

  10. Tony Blair, why are you poking your nose into this? it has nothing to do with you. You are no longer a politician for the UK. You are only interested in lining your own pocket, the EU is just a gravy train for traitors like yourself. The UK has voted out and we are coming out. Politicians like you will pay the price if you try to fuck the working man over this.

  11. There is only one place for him and a few from the Labour Party. The Tower of London should be reopened and Blair Corbyn and Abbot with there own entrance. Traitors Gate. Then the tourists can visit them in there own cells.

  12. Smarmy git. Trying his new tack. This man should not be let anywhere near the British Public.Can’t get
    what he wants one way – try another AS IF HE ACTUALLY CARES WHAT THE ORDINARY BRIT THINKS!!!?

  13. This Scumbag has nothing to say about this issue that I need to listen to I fervently wish he would just shut up and go away

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