Farage slams labours back track on brexit

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Nigel Farage explains why is was wrong on corbyn. Has Labour made a big mistake making this dramatic u turn?

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Corbyn has always be anti EU, So he is clearly bowing from the pressure of labours back bench. This clearly shows him for the weak leader that he is!

Nigel Farage said –

“I was wrong, completely wrong, because clearly there isn’t much principle at all with Corbyn, clearly he’s bowing to pressure from his backbenchers.”

He added: “I think that Corbyn has devalued himself because one of the things about Corbyn is he’s been seen to be somebody who’s straight and clearly on this he has bent.”

“he has buckled and I have to say I think that Labour voters out there in that General Election have effectively been deceived by Mr Corbyn and the Labour Party.”

Nigel Farage slams “unprincipled” Jeremy Corbyn following Labour’s dramatic shift on Brexit.

Pubblicato da LBC su Lunedì 28 agosto 2017


Pro Great britain is intrigued as to how Labour’s betrayal is going to go down in their Leave supporting heartlands…

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