Syrian Accused of Sexually Molesting Ten-Year-Old

A Syrian is said to have sexually molested a ten-year-old in a Vienna Swimming Pool

A ten-year-old girl was sexually harassed at the Hütteldorfer Bad in Vienna on Saturday. A 42-year-old man is said to have touched the child’s buttocks and head, when he and his girlfriend had been on the slide, his mother reported on Sunday. Police officer Thomas Keiblinger confirmed the incident on Monday, the suspect was reported because of sexual harassment.

The mother attempted to speak to the head of the swimming pool who told her that there was no point in calling the police because it was her word against that of the asylum seeker who denied the assault.

The ten-year-old was hired with a friend at the waterslide, the suspect stood in front of her. He let the two children go before, but the ten-year-old then reached several places on the head and on the buttocks. The girl was frightened, slipped down with his girlfriend, then the two of them informed her parents.

The mother of the girl described the incident:”My daughter, her friend and the girlfriend’s family left the bathroom, so I did not know about the incident and waited for my daughter at the parking lot … (Exactly when I came, the man went out of the bath and My daughter recognized him,”

The asylum seeker was taken into custody by police. But so far, police have been unable to interrogate him as he does not speak any German and no interpreter was available on the weekend.

Prosecutors say they will be bringing charges of sexual harassment against the man.

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