Barcelona terror: Seven hurt in second attack in Spain – Sky News

Sky News is reporting that Five suspected terrorists have been killed in a shoot-out with Spanish police as they carried out a similar vehicle attack to the one in Barcelona.

Special forces were deployed to the coastal town of Cambrils – just hours after a van ploughed into crowds in Barcelona’s famous Las Ramblas boulevard in which 13 people were killed and at least 100 others injured.

When is Europe going to wake up !

The Catalan government says the two attacks are linked.

The suspects in Cambrils were carrying explosive belts and a bomb squad was carrying out several controlled explosions, police said.

Footage of the operation in the early hours of the morning at the popular seaside resort, situated 62 miles southwest of Barcelona, showed bystanders running for cover amid the sound of gunfire.

At least three bodies could be seen on the ground in a separate video posted on social media.

Six civilians and a police officer were hurt during the operation, but it was unclear how they acquired their injuries. Two of them are seriously injured.

Screams and police sirens could be heard in another clip filmed from inside a restaurant as diners ran for cover after hearing gunshots.

This is yet another attack on the western culture and way of life, Who is going to start defending US! We can not surrender to this evil ideology

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