Gloomy night for the PM

Can May survive last night result?

Sky News are reporting that Theresa May has no intention of resigning as Prime Minister after a disastrous night for her party, according to Sky sources. She is trying to produce a small working majority in coalition with the Democratic Unionist Party – despite facing calls to stand down – and is expected to visit Buckingham Palace at 12.30pm to seek permission to form a government.

Sky’s political editor Faisal Islam said such a deal “would complicate the relationship between the UK government and the power-sharing government in Northern Ireland”. Sky’s senior political correspondent Beth Rigby added: “She wants to stay- I’m not getting the sense they (Conservative Party) want to push her out.


  1. Hopefully she will now realise what a close call the party has had and will bend over backwards to make her pre-election promise of dealing firmly with Brussels come true. She is basically a good strong leader and has doubtless learned from her lacklustre campaign. I feel sure that she will deliver the goods if for no other reason than to vindicate herself.

  2. Don’t go Teresa, we need you . I wouldn’t trust Corbyn as far as I could throw him, he’s just an idealist- we need pragmatism which you have in spades. Ignore the gainsayers and populists, they won’t get us anywhere – I still believe you are the best person to get us out of the EU mess. Sometimes you have to swallow a bitter pill to get the country back on a firm standing … there are too many freeloaders in this country – and not all of them are from abroad! We need a hardworking, dedicated leader to take us toward and I’m satisfied you are the person for the job. GOOD LUCK!!

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